PIECES OF A WOMAN – a heart rending exploration of grief

Hungarian director Kornel Mundruzo’s drama written by Kata Weber(on her own personal experience) is truly a spectacle to behold.

Pieces of a woman premiered last year at the Venice Film festival in competition and garnered Vanessa Kirby the prestigious ‘Volpi cup for Best Actress’ ( deservedly so) and her performance is having quite a pivotal part this awards season.

The story starts with Martha ( Vanessa kirby) and Sean played by Shia lebeauf ( quite famous in current media as you may know) in a 30 minute birth scene (so beautifully crafted and the tension built is just remarkable here) which goes wrong and the movie deals with that exploration of grief in the family and further into a court trial.

The supporting cast of performances are also remarkable especially Ellen Burstyn. The emotional state of Martha and the tension that’s there around the whole family is portrayed in such a humanising way.

The thing that stunned me the most was the seasonal change in relation to grief. The grief in the harsh Boston cold and then thereafter hope in the spring.

Pieces of a woman is a remarkable film worth seeing and it’s on Netflix.

Written by – Hritik

By hritik2000


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