THIS MOURNABLE BODY by Tsitsi Dangarembga : a truly unforgettable piece of fiction

Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Booker shortlisted This mournable body is completing a very long trilogy starting with the acclaimed Nervous conditions. But I looked it as a stand alone novel and it was so powerful and so complex.

This is brilliant piece of fiction written in second person ( which was difficult for a lot of readers) but for me it was the strongest part which made it so compelling.

The novel takes us into the inner mind of its central character Tambudzai who’s approaching middle age and we connect to the things she has to go emotionally and politically.

I was so deeply in awe of the unexpected African main protagonist who is having a mental breakdown in contemporary Harare, Zimbabwe. This is a type of writing that deserves all acclaim because it’s quite unlike something I’ve come across before. It’s a book i think will leave impression on anyone who reads it.

This mournable body: Tsitsi Dangerembga (Faber)

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