BURNT SUGAR by Avni Doshi – a wonderfully unsentimental toxic mother daughter relationship

Avni Doshi’s remarkable debut is truly unsentimental potrait of a woman who’s struggling with the relationship with her mother who has dementia and who never really cared for her.

The main theme running in this book is around memory in families. The main protagonist is an artist in contemporary India who has this very interesting art project where she’s redrawing the same potrait and she never looks back.

The book is tracing around what can we remember about past and how past stucks someone’s present in some way.

The main character Antara is constantly struggling that should she get closer to her mother, should she abandon her mother, how she deals in relationship with her American husband.

I thought it was very powerful book with very sharp and caustic with running throughout the novel. I loved how it handled very technically intellectual issues about memory and past and very human issues about abusive family relationships.

Burnt sugar- Avni Doshi ( Penguin Hamish Hamilton)

By hritik2000


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