AN INVENTORY OF LOSSES : True cabinet of curiosities

Judith Schalansky’s extraordinary book longlisted for this year’s International Booker Prize deals with the theme of loss. The interpretation of loss in the whole book is done in a very wide and accessible way.

First and foremost this is the most stunningly designed book (which is no surprise because Schalansky is also a book designer) but what is inside is even more glorious.

I am in love with the structure of this book in which first there is information about a particular loss and then there are short stories, histories, meditations, travel logs supporting each loss.

The losses range in a wide variety such as there are lost animals, islands, poems, films, manuscripts, infrastructures and many more.

Due to this amazing structure and variety, I was not at all bored by any of the losses, I was utterly gripped by each and every story or information supporting that loss.

The preface alone is so amazing that if you read that preface you are guaranteed to read that whole book.

The more time I gave to each part, the more it made me think and fell. An absolutely stunning book.

An inventory of losses by Judith Schalansky translated by Jackie Smith. Published by Maclehose press

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