SUMMER BROTHER: Simply moving

Jaap Robben’s 2021 International Booker Prize longlisted coming of age novel Summer Brother follows thirteen years old Brien living with his divorced and uncaring father, and follows a particular Summer when his older sixteen year old disabled brother comes to live with them.

The novel is full of simplistic writing so that the evocation of emotions is done in a very pure way.

The whole novel is written in a play like manner with tremendous dialogues ( no surprise as Robben is also a playwright) but I liked how simple yet effective it was.

The novel handles the subject matter of caring for disabled, childhood in the marginality in a very delicate way i have to say.

You know for each and every character, what’s going on in their minds, so yeah the reader is present in the novel, the translation is very good. But I have to say this title is traditional I.e. least experimental or innovative on the whole longlist.

Summer Brother : Jaap Robben, translated by David Doherty Published by World editions. Thank you so much to world editions for the e-copy of this title .

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