IN MEMORY OF MEMORY- Awestruck by the scope of writing

Maria Stepanova’s International Booker shortlisted title In memory of memory stunningly translated from the Russian by Sasha Dugdale starts with death of her aunt and this book continuously surprises us with the form it takes.

This book is a profound meditation on art remembering remarkable artists like Rembrandt, Francesca Woodman, Joseph Cornell and many others,

Stepanova has written some extraordinary chapters on Jewish ancestry taking into consideration her own family history and great Jewish biographies of people and preservation of identities during turmoil during war and its aftermath.

I have truly never encountered such an interesting and interesting perspective on Russian history, I mean she’s writing biographies, personal history and giving them such creative fictional form.

The book is filled with prose of stunning poetic power and beauty and truly each sentence is beautiful. Sasha Dugdale has done something quite extraordinary in the language to English readers.

Russian time periods are shown so virtuosically in the book through photographs, letters and stunning descriptive texts to support it, it feels really immersive.

This is truly a remarkable gem of a book.

In memory of memory- Maria Stepanova, translated from the Russian by Sasha Dugdale. Published by Fitzcarraldo editions. Thank you so much to Fitzcarraldo editions for the copy of the book.

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