THE SWEETNESS OF WATER: Interesting debut

Nathan Harris’ Booker longlisted debut follows newly freed brothers Landry and Prentiss during the end of the Civil war forced to hide in the woods of George Walker, who recently lost his son in the war.

The storytelling here is traditional, simple prose with deep interest in characterisation, but it’s done quite well here.

Reading this reminded me a little of Sebastian Barry’s Days Without End which I didn’t like at all, but I really enjoyed Harris’ storytelling due to its simplicity.

The novel is set in an interesting time period during the immediate aftermath of Civil War, which is quite a rare timeline in storytelling.

The novel handles hidden sexualities, race, violence, grief in small fictional town in Georgia in a very interesting way due to great characters.

One of the strongest emphasis by the writer is on the characters. They are extremely well developed and the dialogue as well as relationships between these characters is done in an impressive way.

The Sweetness of Water- Nathan Harris Published by Tinder Press Thanks to Hachette India for copy of this novel.

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