No one is talking about this : Ambitious debut

Patricia Lockwoods’s extremely innovative Booker 2021 longlisted title is divided into two parts, first half is a series of extremely funny series of Twitter-esque style of prose about being on the internet today and second half is a story of extremely personal story of grief in a real world.

What is extremely interesting about this book and the reason it’s divisive is fragmented writing. The whole novel is written in fragments reminiscent of Twitter here referred to the world as portal.

I think this is the only experimental writing I’ve encountered on the longlist so far, Lockwood has taken a huge risk here and I personally think the result an absolutely ambitious piece of fiction.

I was absolutely bowled over the book. It doesn’t take itself seriously and shows that we live in a age where we are obsessed with internet and information online and what Lockwood has done so magnificently here is combining this element of living in the internet world today and living a real life so cleverly and the result is a work of savage brilliance.

No one is talking about this – Patricia Lockwood. Published by Bloomsbury circus

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