GREAT CIRCLE – Delightful Storytelling

Maggie Shipstead’s extraordinarily 600 page ambitious and epic novel longlisted for 2021 Booker prize follows two stories in parallel, one of an obsessive aviatrix name Marian Graves and her journey spanning a long time and another of an Hollywood actress Hadley Baxter portraying her in the biopic that’s in development.

This book surprised me in a lot of ways, I didn’t expect to be so moved by this. The book is so immersive and so interesting and is written so cleverly that I literally couldn’t put this down.

The book is remarkably structured and really amazingly researched concerning different time periods.

I mean, the characters are beautifully drawn, not just Marian and Hadley but the supporting cast of characters are given great space for their development.

I was really by how Shipstead’s ability to write and create such deep characters and storyline, because it’s so immersive that you feel that you get to know these characters so deeply over the course of the novel and I think that’s a great feat of writing.

Yes this novel is traditional storytelling ( many novels on the longlist this year) but Maggie Shipstead has captured something special here.

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead. Published by Doubleday books

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