Paul by Daisy Lafarge : A deep and visceral examination of toxicity in a young woman’s life

Poet Daisy Lafarge’s absolutely brilliant debut follows Francis, a young English woman spending her summer in Southern France, escaping a scandal in Paris and falling for Paul, the owner of the eco-farm where she stays.

Beautifully structured in three parts, the novel takes deeper and deeper into the mind of its protagonist, Francis.

The tone of writing and the imagery really stands out here. The imagery regarding nature is beautifully captured by Lafarge through her clear and poetic prose and you feel like you are present there yourself.

Lafarge through her rhythmic writing follows a young woman trying to find words that could make up for her mind which his constantly in question regarding the outcome of the past and her search for solace.

But this search for solace is clearly destroyed by Paul, and the hold he has on Francis which is so cleverly rendered throughout the three parts with the doubts and questions in the protagonist’s and readers mind alike.

There are quite a many novels on toxicity of relationships but Lafarge’s take on it is really fresh and nuanced and which makes its impact slowly and deeply in readers mind. Thus result is a form of absolute brilliance in writing and one of the strongest debut I’ve encountered this year.

An absolute stunning novel.

PAUL – Daisy Lafarge. Published by GRANTA. A huge thanks to George Stamp at GRANTA for review copy of this title.

By hritik2000


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