THE EMPLOYEES by Olga Ravn, translated by Martin Aitken : The Best book of 2021?

Olga Ravn’s absolutely remarkable title, most deservedly shortlisted for 2021 International Booker prize, beautifully translated by Martin Aitken from Danish follows a series of statements of the employees of a spaceship (Six Thousand Ship), in relation to their behaviour regarding taking some strange objects from the planet New Discovery.

The whole book is structured in these statements not in chronological order from all the employees as it progresses it becomes clear that some of these are from humans and some from humanoids.

The main essence of the book is the deep questioning of humanity and geneneration of feelings from both humans and humanoids alike.

It’s really interesting how all the statements are jigsaw puzzled like a mosaic, very skilfully done, like reading one statement you are utterly moved, then by another quite puzzled, then there’s humor, then sadness, then anger and everything in between.

How the writer and translator creates this sense of hypnotic momentum in these 136 pages is masterful.

The Employees A workplace novel of 22nd century – Olga Ravn, translated from Danish by Martin Aitken. Published by Lolli editions

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