HOW I BECAME A TREE by Sumana Roy: A Dazzlingly Deep meditative personal essays on Trees

If I can summarise Sumana Roy’s brilliant non fiction title HOW I BECAME A TREE it would be – A book that gave voice to trees and changed your outlook on trees. It simply starts with the author’s infatuation with trees. This love throughout the book can be proved through this brilliant line in the book.

A lover does not love because she believes in the ideology of love, whatever that might be, it is because she cannot help loving.

This book is such a pleasure to read, beautifully written about trees, yet so full of happiness, sadness, excitement, every human emotion is given to the trees.

It’s actually really difficult to write non fiction that is interesting. I mean the author grips the reader with brilliant stories, writings by various authors in the past, music, cinema, paintings all about the trees.

Asides from that it also gives a piercing critique of humanity. Roy brilliantly conjures historical myths and the place of trees in them and moreover making a comment on femininity.

That’s what intelligent writers do, they create an impression on us. And this beautiful book did the same.

How I became a tree by Sumana Roy. Published by Yale University Press. A massive thanks to Yale University press for the copy of this title.

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