Cal Flyn’s ISLANDS OF ABANDONMENT: Surprisingly Optimistic Nature Writing, The Best Non fiction of 2021?

Author, Journalist and Deputy Editor of Five Books (which I’m a huge fan of) Cal Flyn whose book Islands of Abandonment was very deservedly shortlisted for this year’s Baillie Gifford Prize for nonfiction follows Flyn travelling to 13 different abandoned landscapes all over the Earth and her search for nature in these abandoned spaces.

Firstly this book is so beautifully written and very clearly structured. Secondly this is such a joy to read, I mean it’s such a hopeful and surprisingly optimistic book which is very rare in nature writing.

Flyn takes us to these abandoned sites all over the world from Scotland to Chernobyl to Michigan and many others. She very clearly informs us about the damage happened to these sites due to war, disasters or human exploitation and in the end searches for hope of nature recovery where it seems almost impossible to imagine a life.

The author makes us think very deeply about the current state of environment in an immensely positive and optimistic way rather than declaring that we’re doomed already.

So truly this is one of the most surprisingly beautiful books I’ve read this year.

ISLANDS OF ABANDONMENT Life in the Post-Human Landscape by Cal Flyn. Published by William Collins

A huge thanks to Helen Upton, Publicity Manager, William Collins for the copy of this title.

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