Ruth Ozeki’s THE BOOK OF FORM AND EMPTINESS: Best book as a Christmas present this year?

The acclaimed Ruth Ozeki returned a long time after her previous stunning novel A tale for the time being with The book of form and emptiness. Her latest is almost hard to describe but follows a 13 year old Benny Oh and his mother Annabelle coping with the loss of his musician father and there’s a lot of fantastical elements involved here.

Definitely not Ozeki’s best work but it truly is such a pleasure to read. It is beautifully written with such imaginative storytelling. From Talking objects to homeless artists to non binary ferrets to Zen Buddhism, everything is stunningly in play here.

Ozeki’s book is grippingly paced here, you just want to know what happens next and another amazing thing is that the story is so wild and bizarre, you never know what’s gonna happen next and you are ready to be surprised.

Ozeki handles difficult themes of loss, depression and mental health in such an interesting and innovative yet lighthearted way.

I don’t think any better novel than this that would make such a remarkable Christmas gift with its immersive and remarkable storytelling which will illuminate anyone who decides to pick it up and read it.

THE BOOK OF FORM AND EMPTINESS by Ruth Ozeki. Published by Canongate Books.

Thank you so much Canongate for the copy of this title.

By hritik2000


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