Zyranna Zateli’s AT TWILIGHT THEY RETURN: Epic Greek Saga

Zyranna Zateli is regarded as one of the best writers in her native Greece. Her novel At twilight they return, translated into English by David Conolly is an extremely ambitious multigenerational family saga combining myth, magic but also taking into consideration history of that period.

The book is structured brilliantly in the form of ten tales. Each tale is an account of the life of particular member of family. The most interesting thing is that these tales are not in chronological order, but in an uneven form.

It’s extremely hard to describe the scope of this book because it’s something you can’t describe but have to be immersed in this epic saga full of uncountable characters. It is an incredibly immersive read.

What’s the most strongest part of this novel is it’s narrative voice. The voice of the omniscient narrator is what drives and connects all these tales wonderfully well.

The writing and translation by David Conolly is beautifully lyrical, poetic and clear, irrespective of the fact that the matter covered in this book is incredibly wide, which sometimes happen while translation. The rhythm is equally strong in all these tales throughout the book.

Zyranna Zateli has created characters that get inside your head and story that is remarkably immersive and now I can see why this book is considered masterpiece in Greek literature.

AT TWO THEY RETURN – Zyranna Zateli. Translated from the Greek by David Conolly.

A huge thanks to Yale University Press UK for giving me a copy of this title for review.

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