Patrick Mackie’s MOZART IN MOTION – Sentences like Sonatas

Patrick Mackie’s title Mozart in Motion, Published by Granta isn’t a traditional biography, where generally you are promised an arc. Mackie here takes a different approach where he focuses on Mozart’s specific period of life that is referenced in his musical pieces. The author did cut all the slack and focused only on essential parts and that is presented brilliantly here.

Divides into three parts, the book is finely structured and at the start of every chapter there’s a musical piece mentioned which is useful. The complex information about the musical piece gets very clearer while listening to it and truly it’s an unusual thing to say but I have read the whole book listening to these pieces and enjoyed it tremendously.

The author very cleverly moves from the personal and intimate life of Mozart and musical journey (from Salzburg to Paris to Vienna) and to broader scope of that time period by showing the values and hardships of art in the Eighteenth century Europe.

The book is very insightful on the European society and their behaviour or perception of music and opera and art in general. Mackie commentates on Mozart’s aberration of the musical art form by pushing the boundaries of music by bringing some controversial themes (for that time period) in the book.

So Mackie with his beautiful gifted hands as a poet gives us a fresh take on Mozart’s work and the world around him which influenced his music.

MOZART IN MOTION His Work and his world in pieces by Patrick Mackie. Published by GRANTA

A huge thanks to Pru Rowlandson at Granta for review copy of this title.

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