SHUGGIE BAIN by Douglas Stuart- destined to become a classic.

Douglas Stuart’s Booker Prize winning remarkable debut absolutely blew me away. It creates an amazingly intimate portrait of addiction, courage and love.

This follows Shuggie Bain, a young boy living in 1980s Glasgow and the story mainly follows his relationship with his mother, Agnes who’s struggling with alcoholism.

Firstly I was deeply moved by the portrait given of the mother Agnes and her futile struggle with addiction and rigid gender norms of the society.

This book is so masterful in a way it puts you so deeply inside the Glasgow society. This book is a heart rending portrait of Thatcher’s Britain at its darkest.

Despite its subject matter there is humour in it has such extraordinary relationship between mother and son that makes you want to read more. And there is such a sense of place in the novel. Glasgow is painted like a beautiful portrait in the novel.

I couldn’t let go of the characters, the place, the emotions, this is such a stunning achievement, that it stayed with me so longer that I couldn’t fathom reading another book for a couple of days. I love this book so much that there are no words to describe this other than saying it will be termed as classic for a very long time in future.

Shuggie Bain- Douglas Stuart Picador