KLARA AND THE SUN by Kazuo Ishiguro – Ishiguro at his best

The hotly anticipated publishing event of this year Klara and the sun follows Klara an Artificial Friend with amazing observational skills in a shop waiting for a customer ( teenager) to take her.

Ishiguro’s latest work is deeply moving and actually quiet and asking some deep human questions without shouting or making a huge fuss.

As stated by Ishiguro himself, he doesn’t like to stick to a particular genre. This is a science fiction novel but it’s actually not only a science fiction novel but also deeply philosophical and poetic one.

I absolutely fell in love with Klara and how she viewed the world around her which is so innocent and poetic. Ishiguro is a master of prose and this one didn’t disappoint at all.

KLARA AND THE SUN – Kazuo Ishiguro Faber & Faber